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Is it possible to sell a property in 60 days and at an adequate price? Yes, it is. But to achieve it you must follow a very well-defined sales process. The property sale contains a series of actions that must be properly organized. If your intention is to publish it only on real estate portals and wait for your buyer to arrive, you have very little chance that it will work for you. Unless you sell it below the market price. Of course!

At Àliga Real Estate we have developed a process defined by 4 sale actions, the key points: Initial analysis. Strategic preparation. Media Campaign. And Sale.

In the evolving real estate market of today, a well-defined sales process is the key to success. It can be the difference between ‘sold’ or ‘expired’ in the market.

Following, we explain our sales process and actions. With us you will deal the sale of your property with total security and tranquillity.

Initial analysis for the sale of your property

The first action in the sales process is determined by knowledge. Both the market and its fluctuation, as well as the variables that differentiate property prices. In the same way, it is essential to know the current legislation.

Therefore, to carry out a complete initial analysis for the sale of your property, we combine the following 4 sales actions:

Market study
Comparative market analysis

Market study and comparative market analysis. Where we analyse how it is acting and the market trend, as well as the average price in the area. And at the ACM we analyse the environment, supply, and demand by type of dwelling. In addition to the characteristics of the area, the similar dwellings that have been sold, etc. Always from a professional perspective and relying on new technologies, as well as our knowledge of the area.

Due Diligence

It is an administrative audit in the sale, made to measure for each property. We study all the documentation related to the property. From the legal aspects related to simple notes, cadastre, statutes, etc. Even urban, development and fiscal aspects.

Town planning

We analyse the urban changes that may affect the building where the dwelling is located. As well as the infrastructures and equipment that may be developed in the area. The urban buildings that exist or will be in the surroundings of the dwelling. In addition, it can vary its sale price to possible city planning affectation, like a Rights of Way or damages on the building.

Property valuation

This is a report in which the sale price is established based on the characteristics of the dwelling, the building and possible depreciations. As well as the facilities and services of the area, with the qualification of available infrastructures and equipment.

Strategic preparation for the sale of your property

The second action of the sale process is the strategic preparation of the home.

At Àliga Real Estate we understand that each home is unique. For this reason, we carry out an individualized study of each one. In this way we find out which should be promoted, and which should be solved.

Advice on the property state

Under this premise we carry out an advice on the state of the property. In which we advise you on the aspects that people who visit your home will value the most, and which ones should be improved to create more interest.

By following our advice, we will avoid some of the arguments that the buyer would use to lower the sale price. We will get more requests for information, which we will transform into effective visits. Everything to ensure that the sale of your property is as fast and at the best possible price.

Marketing online and offline

The next action within the strategic preparation for the sale of your property is marketing, both online and offline.

Especially relevant within marketing are the 4 key points explain it below:

venta inmueble
Professional photography

Professional photography

Showing the best side of your property for the sale, and thus showing its full potential. That’s the basis of all real estate development. At Àliga Real Estate we have the talent of professional photographers, with whom we plan the photo session, before going to the house.

Dwelling video

Dwelling video

Hand in hand with the Virtual Tour 360 is the video of the property. In this case, the video shows the buyer the tour of the house. In addition to being a complement to the Virtual Tour, with the video you can carry out another type of promotion. And in this way reach more buyers.

Virtual Tour 360

Virtual Tour 360

It is a reality that digital marketing is the formula to reach many more specific audiences. And what better than to see the reality of the property before moving, thinking as a buyer. And for you, what could be better than saving time on unnecessary visits.



Even if you don't know what copywriting is, you have experienced it in your day-to-day life. You have read a phrase or a text that has made you think and made you smile… that is copywriting, writing to make you feel the emotion. Experience the feeling of living in your future home, with your dreams fulfilled.

Media Campaign for the sale of your property

It is very important to have meticulously carried out the previous steps before starting the third action of the sales process. Media campaign is the start-up where we show the dwelling with its maximum potential. For this our creative team is in constant search. And thus find the best ways to present your property through all possible dissemination channels.

Next, we will see what 3 sales actions we use in this point of the sales process:

Housing promotion to our database

Our buyer database is made up of people who have viewed other properties with us. We know what they are looking for, if they need financing… and most importantly, if they are a real buyer.

But in our database, there are also people who know us through our website or through customer reviews. Or also because they enter our office at street level when they see our showcase.

These people ask us about properties with specific characteristics. In fact, on some occasion we have been told that the real estate portals are so many options that they get lost and feel overwhelmed.

Housing promotion to our collaborators

Like us, our collaborators have clients who trust and want to work with them.

With this system we help you to expand the possibilities of sale. Our network of collaborators can help make a faster sale.

We are your interlocutors, we take care of all the negotiations, always looking out for your interests.

Online and offline advertising

The publication in national and international portals continues to be one of the most important actions for the sale of your property.

For this reason, we are strengthened by having a great team that speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, and Portuguese.

And so that your property stands out more, we use highlights in the main real estate portals. In addition, our website is optimized both nationally and internationally.

We carry out online and offline sales actions such as the dossier and presentation of the property. Together with other actions, such as the photo of our shop window at street level, through which many people walk every day.

Sale of your property

Finally, we come to the 4th action of the sale process, and this is the sale of your property.

Since this section has different concepts, we have divided it into 2 stages. The first, prior to finding the buyer of your home, where we control visits and sales reports. And the second stage, when we find the buyer of your home. So, we come to the drafting of contracts, the digital signature and notary.

Next, we explain each of them:


We conduct interviews with people who have shown interest in your home. In which we make sure that they know it before visiting it. For this we use all the tools that we have previously developed in marketing actions. In addition, all the people who go to the dwelling sign a visit part. This way no strangers will enter.


We are in continuous contact so that you know what the evolution of the sales process is. In this report we detail at what point we are, the sales actions that have been carried out and the result they are giving. Likewise, we inform you of the number of contacts we receive and how many of them are transformed into visits. And also, the answer they give us. In addition, we maintain telephone contact to keep you informed.


Whether you like negotiating or not, it is always more complicated when you are involved. For this reason, we negotiate on your behalf. But of course, the last word will always be yours.

In the same way, the buyer finds it easier to communicate with a professional who can advise them.


Previously the public deed before a notary, there are a series of contracts that must be signed, for the peace of mind of all the parties involved. But it is essential that these contracts are subject to current regulations. It is essential to be very aware because these can change at any time. A poorly drafted contract can cost you a lot of money. The different contracts that occur in the process before reaching a notary are the offer and the acceptance of the offer. As well as the deposit contract, called in Spain Contrato de arras, and possible annexes that may arise.


At Àliga Real Estate we have been using the biometric digital signature for years. We use specialized software with all legal guarantees.

The digital signature is useful when one of the parties is not in Barcelona, either due to travel or because their habitual residence is outside the city.

In conclusion, it offers us ease, speed, and efficiency in remote signatures.


We take care that all the necessary documentation is prepared for the signing of the deed before a notary.

Prior to the signing day, we take care of delivering all the necessary documentation to the notary official.

We take a copy of all the documentation to the notary, and we remind all parties of the original documentation that you must bring.

If this all sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

One of our advisors can explain in more details how we work.

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