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If you want to buy a property in Barcelona you might wonder, what do I have to do? Where do I start? What is important to know? If you are in this situation for the first time, or not, it can be stressful.

There are many aspects to consider if you want to find the perfect home. And one of the most important things is to know what the key steps are in your search.

How does Àliga Real Estate help you find your home?

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The search

Looking for a property to buy in Barcelona is more than just getting in front of your computer or smartphone and search the internet. Of course this is a good start, but there are properties that do not get published online. Or that disappear from the internet after just one week, for example.

Why does this happen?

At Àliga Real Estate we have a list of buyers who, like you, are looking to find their dream home. We know exactly what they are looking for. So, before a property gets promoted online, they are amongst the first to visit this new listing. If you start working together with Àliga Real Estate, you will also be one of the first to get an alert when a new listing, fitting to your expectations and needs, is available.

Steps to find and buy property in Barcelona

Sometimes a search to buy property in Barcelona is short and fast. And sometimes it is not, depending on what you are looking for. No matter how long it takes to find your new property, you could always lose it if you do not follow the correct steps. At Àliga Real Estate we help you to have everything ready when you find your dream property. So you don’t miss out on the buy. If you want to know all you need to know, download our buyer’s guide for property in Barcelona.

Documentation to buy

Congratulations, you have found the property you want to buy! So now the process continues. It is very important that you have all your documents in order. And it is equally important that the papers related to the property are correct. We take care of that too! We review the documentation to verify it is all legit. So that you can sign the contract for the deposit, el contrato de arras in Spanish, without any doubts. With all this work prior to the day of signing before a notary, you will be without cares.

Find your property

If you complete the contact form below, we will take the first steps to help you find a buy property in Barcelona. Just let us know what your expectations and wishes are. And we will help you throughout the whole process.

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